About PodSlower


First of all, I want to make it clear that all the rights for the mp3s belong to their respective podcast right owners, and that I'd remove any podcast without hesitating if it violates any rights.

This is a non-profit site just intended to help other people to learn languages.

What is this about?

So easy, Podslower is a site where you can find slowed down podcasts, so you can listen to real podcasts (not the typical specialized ones for learning languages) but slowed down so they're easier to handle.

Can I download them?

Nope, we use the HTML5 audio tag to slow down the podcasts in real time, so no downloadable files are generated.

What about the 120% version

Apart from the slowed down versions and the original (100% speed), there's this accelerated one. Just as the athlete that puts weight on his ankles when training, it seems a good idea to practice with speeded up audios that would train your hearing so you get more, easier, when listening to normal speed audios.

Can I suggest any podcast / language?

Yes, of course. Please contact me at my Twitter and send me your suggestions. They'll be very welcome.

Can I slow down any other audios (songs / personal ones) with PodSlower?

Nope yet, probably will add it soon.